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Financial Options Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 72

Financial Options interview questions and answers, financial options trivia questions PDF 72 to practice Financial Management exam questions for online classes. Practice Financial Options and Applications in corporate Finance MCQ questions, financial options Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Financial Options Interview Questions PDF: risk in portfolio context, beta coefficient in finance, binomial approach, internal rate of return, financial options test prep for business administration degree courses.

"The price at which the European and American options can be exercised is classified as" MCQ PDF with choices strike price, exercise price, horizon price, and both a and b for business admin degree online. Learn financial options and applications in corporate finance questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online schools for business management.

Trivia Quiz on Financial Options MCQs

MCQ: The price at which the European and American options can be exercised is classified as

exercise price
strike price
horizon price
Both A and B

MCQ: A discount rate which is equal to the present value of TV to the project cost present value is classified as

negative internal rate of return
modified internal rate of return
existed internal rate of return
relative rate of return

MCQ: The current option price is added to present value of portfolio for calculating

future value of portfolio
current value of stock
future value of stock
present value of portfolio

MCQ: A model which regresses the return of stock against the return of market is classified as

regression model
market model
error model
risk free model

MCQ: The coefficient of beta is used to measure stock volatility

coefficient of market
relative to market
irrelative to market
same with market