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Weighted Average Cost of Capital Quiz Questions and Answers PDF

Practice Weighted Average Cost of Capital quiz questions and answers, weighted average cost of capital MCQ with answers PDF 1 to solve Financial Management mock tests for online college programs. Solve Cost of Capital trivia questions, weighted average cost of capital Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Weighted Average Cost of Capital Quiz PDF: risk free savings rate, types of common stock, income statements, financial institutions and corporations, weighted average cost of capital test prep for master's degree in business administration.

"During the planning period, a marginal cost for raising a new debt is classified as", weighted average cost of capital Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices relevant cost, debt cost, borrowing cost, and embedded cost for online BBA degree. Practice cost of capital questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online business administration degree classes.

Quiz on Weighted Average Cost of Capital MCQs


During the planning period, a marginal cost for raising a new debt is classified as

debt cost
relevant cost
borrowing cost
embedded cost


The corporations such as Citigroup, American Express and Fidelity are classified as

financial services corporations
common service corporations
preferred service corporations
commercial service corporations


An annual estimated costs of assets uses up every year are included

depreciation and amortization
net sales
net profit
net income


The shares or stocks which are protected against withdrawals of funds by an original stock owners are classified as

protected shares
founders shares
withdrawal shares
original shares


The second mortgages pledged against bond's security are referred as

loan mortgages
medium mortgages
senior mortgages
junior mortgages

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