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Learn Financial Options quiz questions and answers, financial options MCQ with answers PDF 130 to study Financial Management course online. Financial Options and Applications in corporate Finance trivia questions, financial options Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Financial Options Quiz" PDF Book: relationship between risk and rates of return, international financial institutions, types of financial markets, risk in portfolio context, financial options test prep for online colleges for business administration.

"The type of options in which the buyer of options has call on 200 shares in stock is classified as" MCQ PDF: stated option, call option, unstated option, and contractual option for online classes business administration. Study financial options and applications in corporate finance questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online BBA degree.

Quiz on Financial Options MCQs

MCQ: The type of options in which the buyer of options has call on 200 shares in stock is classified as

call option
stated option
unstated option
contractual option

MCQ: In capital asset pricing model, an amount of risk that stock contributes to the portfolio of market is classified as

stand-alone coefficient
relevant coefficient
alpha coefficient
beta coefficient

MCQ: The financial markets include

primary markets
capital markets
physical asset markets
all of the above

MCQ: The funds which are used as an interest-bearing checking accounts are classified as

money market funds
capital market funds
money mutual funds
insurance money funds

MCQ: The case in which average investors risk aversion is greater then the slope of line and risk premium respectively is

steeper, greater
steeper, smaller
steeper, zero
Both A and B