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Weighted Average Cost of Capital Quiz Answers PDF - 79

The Book Weighted Average Cost of Capital Quiz Questions and Answers, weighted average cost of capital Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 5-79 to download online financial management degree courses. Study Cost of Capital MCQ Questions PDF, weighted average cost of capital Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Weighted Average Cost of Capital Quiz App Download: weighted average cost of capital, black scholes option pricing model, risk free rate of return, changes in bond values over time, key characteristics of bonds test prep for online business administration degree.

The Quiz: In weighted average cost of capital, the rising in interest rate leads to PDF, "Weighted Average Cost of Capital" App (Android & iOS) Free with increase the capital structure, increase in cost of debt, decrease in cost of debt, and decrease the capital structure choices for grad cert business administration. Practice cost of capital questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for BS degree in business administration.

Financial Management Quiz Online: Weighted Average Cost of Capital MCQs PDF Download - 79

MCQ: In weighted average cost of capital, the rising in interest rate leads to

A) increase in cost of debt
B) increase the capital structure
C) decrease in cost of debt
D) decrease the capital structure

MCQ: According to the Black Scholes model, the trading of securities and the stock prices move respectively

A) constant and randomly
B) randomly and constant
C) randomly and continuously
D) continuously and randomly

MCQ: The bonds issued by small companies tend to have

A) high liquidity premium
B) high inflation premium
C) high default premium
D) high yield premium

MCQ: An interest yield = 7.9% and capital gains yield = 2.5% then the total rate of return is

A) 0.1
B) 0.0316
C) 0.0031
D) 0.054

MCQ: The stated value of the bonds or the face value is considered as

A) state value
B) par value
C) bond value
D) per value

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