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Equation of Continuity MCQ with Answers PDF

Equation of Continuity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Equation of Continuity quiz answers PDF with applied physics career tests for online courses. Practice fluid dynamics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Equation of Continuity quiz questions for online college bachelor degree. Equation of Continuity MCQ PDF: equation of continuity, applications of bernoullis equation, fluid flow test prep for best SAT prep courses online.

"According to the equation of continuity, when water falls its speed increases, while its cross sectional area" MCQ PDF on equation of continuity with choices increases, decreases, remain same, and different for online college bachelor degree. Practice equation of continuity quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for two year degree programs.

MCQs on Equation of Continuity Quiz

MCQ: According to the equation of continuity, when water falls its speed increases, while its cross sectional area

remain same

MCQ: The simplified equation of continuity is represented as

A1V1 = A2V2
A1V2 = A2V2
A1V1 = A1V2
A2V1 = A1V1

MCQ: If fluid is incompressible and is steady, its mass is


MCQ: Constant of equation of continuity is known as

flow rate
fluid flow
surface tension

MCQ: Density of water is equal to

900 kg m-3
950kg m-3
1000kg m-3
1050kg m-3

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