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Single Payment Computations MCQ with Answers PDF

Single Payment Computations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Single Payment Computations quiz answers PDF with business mathematics career tests for online courses. Practice mathematics of finance Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Single Payment Computations quiz questions for online courses for business management degree. Single Payment Computations MCQ PDF: cost benefit analysis, single payment computations, annuities and present value, annuities and future values test prep for best online colleges for business administration.

"The interest rate per year is 16 and the compounding occurs every quarter then interest rate per compounding period is" MCQ PDF on single payment computations with choices 0.4, 0.04, 40, and 0.004 for online courses for business management degree. Practice single payment computations quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online bachelor's degree in business management.

MCQs on Single Payment Computations Quiz

MCQ: The interest rate per year is 16 and the compounding occurs every quarter then interest rate per compounding period is


MCQ: The nominal rate which is compounded more frequently than annually is equal to interest rate

compounded annually
compounded monthly
discounted annually
discounted monthly

MCQ: In the formula of simple interest, the definition of period implies on

i and n
p and n
I and P
p and P

MCQ: The interest rate per year is 24% and the compounding occurs every month then interest rate per compounding period is


MCQ: The interest earned plus principal amount is considered as

semiannual amount
compound amount
discount amount
annual amount

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