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Kula Ring Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download 119

Practice Kula Ring quiz questions, kula ring multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare human diversity exam worksheet 119 for online certificate programs. Practice "An Introduction to Anthropological Thought " quiz with answers, kula ring Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online colleges that offer certificate programs. Free kula ring MCQs, urban versus rural, nuclear and extended families, postcolonial studies, industrialization, kula ring test prep for online certificate programs.

"In economic anthropology, the kula ring refers to", kula ring Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices the hereditary jewelry, political status, yam exchanges, and exchange of necklaces made out of shells for free online college classes. Learn an introduction to anthropological thought questions and answers with free online certification courses for best online universities.

Kula Ring Questions and Answers PDF Download 119

Kula Ring Quiz

MCQ: In economic anthropology, the kula ring refers to

  1. Political status
  2. The hereditary jewelry
  3. yam exchanges
  4. Exchange of necklaces made out of shells


Industrialization Quiz

MCQ: Guilds were associations of

  1. Industrialization
  2. Exporters
  3. Traders
  4. Producers


Postcolonial Studies Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following best describes Eurocentrism?

  1. Eurocentrism is a style of analysis in which European societies are compared to non-European societi
  2. The assessment and evaluation of non-European societies is couched in terms of the cultural assumpt
  3. Eurocentrism describes studies or scholarly work that only consider European political or economic s
  4. All of the above


Nuclear and Extended Families Quiz

MCQ: According to anthropology in all the societies the head of the family is

  1. Mother
  2. Grand father
  3. Grand mother
  4. Father


Urban versus Rural Quiz

MCQ: One's attitudes, reasoning, values, and actions are

  1. Continually impacted by other people
  2. Not to be questioned by psychology
  3. Very personal and private
  4. The domain of cultural anthropology