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Social Anthropology Quiz Questions PDF Download - 4

The e-Book Social Anthropology Quiz Questions and Qnswers, social anthropology MCQs with answers PDF, test 4 to study online course, Anthropology Basics tests. Practice Symbolic trivia questions, social anthropology Test for online classes. The e-Book "Social Anthropology Quiz" App Download: psychological anthropology, kinship of anthropology, social anthropology test prep for online degree programs.

The Quiz "Functionalist anthropologists focused on dance as a means to reinforce communal sentiments who gave this concept of ?" PDF, Social Anthropology App APK (Free) with margaret med, radcliffe-brown, davis, and ruth choices for online university classes. Solve symbolic questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

Anthropology: Social Anthropology Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Functionalist anthropologists focused on dance as a means to reinforce communal sentiments who gave this concept of ?

A) Radcliffe-Brown
B) Margaret med
C) Davis
D) Ruth

MCQ: The absence of a marriage rule that is a system which is neither Endogamous nor Exogamous is

A) Polyandry
B) Polygamy
C) Agamy
D) None of these

MCQ: The problem of high fertility rates today is mostly in

A) Europe
B) China
C) America
D) Africa

MCQ: Feelings of uneasiness, loneliness, and anxiety that occurs when a person has shifted from one culture to another is

A) Culture shock
B) Cultural relativism
C) Culture
D) Fear of culture

MCQ: Eskimo's are living in

A) America
B) Canada
C) Africa
D) Asia

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