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Young Modulus MCQ with Answers PDF

Young Modulus Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Young Modulus quiz answers PDF with a level physics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve mechanics and properties of matter Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Young Modulus quiz questions for online college classes. Young Modulus MCQ PDF: rigid body rotation, dynamics, elasticity test prep for SAT prep classes.

"While Young's modulus ‘E’ relates to change in length and bulk modulus ‘K’ relates to change in volume, modulus of rigidity ‘G’ relates to change in:" MCQ PDF on young modulus with choices weight, density, shape, and temperature for online college classes. Solve young modulus quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online associates degree.

MCQs on Young Modulus Quiz

MCQ: While Young's modulus ‘E’ relates to change in length and bulk modulus ‘K’ relates to change in volume, modulus of rigidity ‘G’ relates to change in:


MCQ: Young's modulus is defined as

tensile strain/tensile stress
tensile stress/tensile strain
tensile stress × tensile strain

MCQ: Dimensions of Young's modulus are

[M]-1 [L]-1 [T]-2
[M]-1 [L]-2 [T]-2
[M] [L]-2 [T]-2
[M] [L]-1 [T]-2

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