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Fundamental Forces Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 22

Practice Fundamental Forces quiz questions and answers, fundamental forces MCQ with answers PDF 22 to solve A Level Physics mock tests for online college programs. Solve Radioactivity trivia questions, fundamental forces Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Fundamental Forces Quiz PDF: wave energy, capacitor use, rigid body rotation, resonance in physics, fundamental forces test prep for SAT practice test.

"In β+ decay, an UP quark becomes", fundamental forces Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices a simple quark, a strange quark, a down quark, and an anti-quark for ACT test. Practice radioactivity questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for SAT test.

Quiz on Fundamental Forces MCQs


In β+ decay, an UP quark becomes

a strange quark
a simple quark
a down quark
an anti-quark


Over-damping results in

slower return to equilibrium
faster return to equilibrium
equilibrium is never achieved
arrhythmic return to equilibrium


Total angular momentum of a body is given by

I × Ω; where I: moment of inertia of the body, Ω: angular velocity
I² × Ω; where I: moment of inertia of the body, Ω: angular velocity
I² × Ω²; where I: moment of inertia of the body, Ω: angular velocity
I × Ω²; where I: moment of inertia of the body, Ω: angular velocity


Area under current-time graph represents

magnitude of charge
amount of positive charge
amount of negative charge


As wave travels, intensity

remains same

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