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Indicators and Acid Base Titrations MCQ with Answers PDF

Solve Indicators and Acid Base Titrations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), a level chemistry quiz answers PDF with career tests for online courses. Practice ionic equilibria Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Indicators and Acid Base Titrations quiz questions for best GRE prep courses online. Indicators and Acid Base Titrations MCQ PDF: indicators and acid base titrations, equilibrium and solubility, buffer solutions test prep for best ACT prep courses online.

"Carminic acid gives purple color with" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on indicators and acid base titrations with choices acids (h+-), alkalis (-oh-), weak acids (h+-), and none of above for best GRE prep courses online. Practice indicators and acid base titrations quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for colleges that offer online classes.

MCQs on Indicators and Acid Base Titrations Quiz


Carminic acid gives purple color with

acids (H+-)
alkalis (-OH-)
weak acids (H+-)
none of above


Litmus is used to test either the substance is

acidic only
alkaline only
acid and alkaline


Addition of acid to indicator will shift the equilibrium towards



The insect which feeds on cactus has a scarlet pigment known as

cochineal only
Carminic acid only
cochineal and Carminic acid


Phenolphthalein changes color in

salt solutions

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