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Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 85

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry quiz questions and answers, molecular biology and biochemistry MCQ with answers PDF 85 to solve A Level biology mock tests for online college programs. Solve Biological Molecules trivia questions, molecular biology and biochemistry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Quiz PDF: gcse a levels biology, cancer and carcinogens, molecular biology and biochemistry test prep for accredited online colleges.

"The only common non-reducing sugar is" MCQ PDF with choices fructose, glucose, maltose, and sucrose for ACT prep classes. Practice biological molecules questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer online courses.

Quiz on Molecular Biology & Biochemistry MCQs

MCQ: The only common non-reducing sugar is


MCQ: Naturally occur carcinogens include

certain dioxins
aniline dyes

MCQ: The function of Penicillinases is to

act as narrow spectrum antibiotic.
act as broad spectrum antibiotic.
resist and destroy penicillin.
destroy the cross-links of peptidoglycan polymers in bacterial cell wall.

MCQ: Galactose is an example of


MCQ: All are true for enzymes but that they

biological catalysts
speed up the rate of a reaction
may change chemically during the reaction
may change physically during the reaction

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