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Structure of cell Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 35

Structure of cell quiz questions, structure of cell multiple choice questions and answers PDF 35 to learn online A level biology course for college certification. Practice "Cell Structure" quiz, structure of cell Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free structure of cell MCQs, cell structure, infectious and non-infectious diseases, ultrafiltration and proximal convoluted tubule, ecology, structure of cell test prep for best ACT prep courses online.

"Pollination and dispersal of seeds is usually done by the help of", structure of cell Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices chromoplast, chloroplast, chlorophyll, and chromophyll for free online college courses. Learn cell structure questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer online classes.

Structure of cell Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Structure of cell Quiz

MCQ: Pollination and dispersal of seeds is usually done by the help of

  1. chloroplast
  2. chromoplast
  3. chlorophyll
  4. chromophyll


Ecology Quiz

MCQ: A trophic level refers to the

  1. axis around the earth
  2. stage in an ecological niche
  3. stage in a food chain
  4. energy level in a food web


Ultrafiltration and Proximal Convoluted tubule Quiz

MCQ: All substances that are reabsorbed must go

  1. between the cells
  2. through the cells
  3. through active pumps
  4. between active pumps


Infectious and non-infectious Diseases Quiz

MCQ: Measles is an airborne disease that circulates mainly through

  1. sneezing only
  2. coughing only
  3. hand shake
  4. sneezing and coughing


Cell Structure Quiz

MCQ: Sol-state of protoplasm is

  1. semi-solid state
  2. liquid state
  3. solid
  4. gaseous