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GCSE A Levels Biology MCQ with Answers PDF

GCSE A Levels Biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), GCSE A Levels Biology quiz answers PDF with a level biology live worksheets for online degrees. Solve mammalian transport system Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), GCSE A Levels Biology quiz questions for schools that offer online bachelor degrees. GCSE A Levels Biology MCQ PDF: cardiovascular system, arteries and veins, tunica externa, tunica media and intima, a level biology test prep for online colleges that offer financial aid.

"All arteries carry blood away from the heart, except" MCQ PDF on gcse a levels biology with choices pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, aorta, and capillaries for schools that offer online bachelor degrees. Solve gcse a levels biology quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for SAT subject tests.

MCQs on GCSE A Levels Biology Quiz

MCQ: All arteries carry blood away from the heart, except

pulmonary artery
pulmonary vein

MCQ: Elastin in the walls of the alveoli is destroyed due to

smoker's cough
enlargement of right side of the heart
decreasing in pulmonary artery occurs
enzyme secreted by phagocytes in an attempt to get rid of bacteria settling in the lining of lungs

MCQ: Identified forms of cancer up till now are more or less than


MCQ: Seed germination in plants is controlled through

abscisic acid
citric acid

MCQ: The hydrophilic R group is found in the


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