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The e-Book Technical Features Quiz Questions, technical features quiz answers PDF download chapter 11-29 to study online textile technology degree courses. Practice Self-acting Spinning Machine MCQ with answers PDF, Technical Features Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Technical Features Quiz App Download: Free learning app for optical and x-ray diffraction, opening and beating, singeing, spinfinger, technical features test prep for online university courses.

The Quiz Maximum spindle speed in self acting machine is: 10,000 rpm, 9,000 rpm, 11,000 rpm and 12,000 rpm with "Technical Features" App Download (Free) to learn online courses. Solve self-acting spinning machine questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online degrees.

Technical Features Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 29

MCQ 141: Maximum spindle speed in self acting machine is

A) 9,000 rpm
B) 10,000 rpm
C) 11,000 rpm
D) 12,000 rpm

MCQ 142: Spinfinger has allowed tube length to

A) increase
B) decrease
C) change
D) stay same

MCQ 143: Singeing machine consists of

A) package to package winder
B) gas burner
C) both a and b
D) singeing burner

MCQ 144: For final evacuation, heavier waste is conveyed to a

A) bottom conveyor
B) worm conveyor
C) dust conveyor
D) waste conveyor

MCQ 145: From the study of relative intensities of double pattern effects, estimate can be made of

A) degree of crystallinity
B) degree if crystallization
C) degree of scattering
D) degree of normality

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