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Practice Combing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Combing quiz answers PDF to learn textile technology online course for textile technology classes. Raw Stock Opening and Cleaning Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Combing quiz questions for free online college courses. "Combing MCQ" PDF Book: carding, spinning, combing test prep for online bachelor's degree.

"Separation of waste and combing has better benefits when feeding is" MCQ PDF: combing with choices upward, downward, forward, and backward for free online college courses. Learn combing quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online graduate programs.

MCQs on Combing Quiz

MCQ: Separation of waste and combing has better benefits when feeding is


MCQ: Combing element is called as

circular comb
thin comb
roller comb
backward comb

MCQ: Circular comb completes

100 to 150 rpm
150-200 rpm
200 to 250 rpm
250 to 300 rpm

MCQ: Feeding can take place in

3 ways
2 ways
4 ways
5 ways

MCQ: Initially upper and lower cylinders of drawing off cylinder rotate

negative direction
positive direction