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Fundamentals of physical geography MCQ questions and answers, fundamentals of physical geography worksheets with answers PDF 21 to practice Physical Geography exam questions for online classes. Practice Varieties of Surface form MCQ questions, fundamentals of physical geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Fundamentals of physical geography Quizzes PDF: actual moving of surface material, location of earth, work of moving ice, changes in crust, fundamentals of physical geography test prep for online masters programs.

"Relative positions of features within an area is known as" MCQ PDF with choices elevation, positions, dimensions, and arrangements for colleges and universities exams. Learn varieties of surface form questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online colleges.

Trivia Quiz on Fundamentals of physical geography MCQs

MCQ: Relative positions of features within an area is known as


MCQ: Rocks which are formed by solidification of magma at moderate depths beneath the Earth surface are known as

igneous rocks
sedimentary rocks
extrusive igneous rocks
intrusive igneous rocks

MCQ: Slow moving mass of ice which are formed by the compaction of snow on mountains is known as

glacial mass
ice berg

MCQ: First degree of latitude from the equator covers a distance of

69.5 miles
68.4 miles
68.2 miles
68.7 miles

MCQ: Landforms which are formed due to sediment deposition carried by river is known as


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