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Fundamentals of physical geography Worksheet with Answers PDF Download - 21

Learn Fundamentals of physical geography worksheet with answers PDF, fundamentals of physical geography MCQ with answers PDF to practice geography worksheet 21 for online certification exam. Practice Varieties of Surface form trivia questions and answers, fundamentals of physical geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for geography. Free fundamentals of physical geography MCQs, actual moving of surface material, location of earth, work of moving ice, changes in crust, fundamentals of physical geography test prep for online masters programs.

"Relative positions of features within an area is known as", fundamentals of physical geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices elevation, positions, dimensions, and arrangements for colleges and universities exams.

Trivia Quiz on Fundamentals of physical geography PDF Download 21

Fundamentals of physical geography Quiz

MCQ: Relative positions of features within an area is known as

  1. positions
  2. elevation
  3. dimensions
  4. arrangements


Changes in Crust Quiz

MCQ: Rocks which are formed by solidification of magma at moderate depths beneath Earth surface are known as

  1. igneous rocks
  2. sedimentary rocks
  3. extrusive igneous rocks
  4. intrusive igneous rocks


Work of Moving Ice Quiz

MCQ: Slow moving mass of ice which are formed by compaction of snow on mountains is known as

  1. glacier
  2. neve
  3. glacial mass
  4. ice berg


Location Of Earth Quiz

MCQ: First degree of latitude from equator covers a distance of

  1. 69.5 miles
  2. 68.4 miles
  3. 68.2 miles
  4. 68.7 miles


Actual Moving of Surface Material Quiz

MCQ: Landforms which are formed due to sediment deposition carried by river is known as

  1. quartz
  2. feldspar
  3. delta
  4. fragments