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Free Phylum Cnidaria Quiz Questions, phylum cnidaria quiz answers PDF download chapter 14-41 to study online phylum degree courses. Practice Multicellular and Tissue Levels MCQ with answers PDF, Phylum Cnidaria Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Free learning app: Phylum Cnidaria Quiz App Download & e-Book for phylum echinodermata: class concentricycloidea, subphylum urochordata, subphylum chelicerata, class chilopoda, phylum cnidaria test prep for accredited distance learning universities.

The Quiz: Who named the phylum coelenterate; "Phylum Cnidaria" App Download (Free) with answers leukart, hatcheck, haeckel and aristotle to learn online certificate courses. Solve multicellular and tissue levels questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online degrees.

Phylum Cnidaria Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 41

MCQ 201: Who named the phylum coelenterate?

A) hatcheck
B) leukart
C) Haeckel
D) Aristotle

MCQ 202: Members that are included in the class Chilopoda are

A) insects
B) beetles
C) millipedes
D) centipedes

MCQ 203: Prosomes is also known as

A) cephalothorax
B) cephalic cavity
C) thoracic cavity
D) sensory organs

MCQ 204: The blood plasma of the tunicates is

A) red in color
B) blue in color
C) brown in color
D) colorless

MCQ 205: The swimming larval stages in the sea lilies are

A) absent
B) present
C) naked
D) hidden

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