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Subphylum Urochordata Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook 12

Subphylum urochordata trivia questions and answers, subphylum urochordata quiz answers PDF 12 to practice biological science exam questions for online classes. Practice "Hemichordata and Invertebrates Chordates" trivia questions and answers, subphylum urochordata Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for biological science. Free subphylum urochordata MCQs, class osteichthyes: subclass sarcopterygii and actinopterygii, phylum echinodermata: class crinoidea, classification of protozoa, phylum mollusca: class gastropoda, subphylum urochordata test prep for accelerated bachelors degree online.

"Tunicates are the example of the subphylum", subphylum urochordata Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices cephalochordate, urochordata, hemichordata, and homometabolus for online bachelor's degree. Learn hemichordata and invertebrates chordates questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online undergraduate degree.

Trivia Quiz on Subphylum Urochordata PDF Download eBook 12

Subphylum Urochordata Quiz

MCQ: Tunicates are example of subphylum

  1. urochordata
  2. cephalochordate
  3. Hemichordata
  4. homometabolus


Phylum Mollusca: Class Gastropoda Quiz

MCQ: Prosobranchia is subclass of class

  1. bivalvia
  2. gastropoda
  3. cephalopoda
  4. Annelida


Classification of Protozoa Quiz

MCQ: Size of euglena is nearly

  1. 40 m
  2. 55 m
  3. 50 m
  4. 56m


Phylum Echinodermata: Class Crinoidea Quiz

MCQ: Sea lilies are included in class

  1. crinoidea
  2. asteroidea
  3. Holothuroidea
  4. gastropoda


Class Osteichthyes: Subclass Sarcopterygii and Actinopterygii Quiz

MCQ: Gills in fishes supported by the

  1. trachea
  2. gill arches
  3. gills filaments
  4. pharyngeal slits