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Medical Microbiology Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 46

Solve Medical microbiology quiz questions and answers PDF, medical microbiology MCQ with answers to practice microbiology worksheet 46 for online job interview. Practice "Classification of Viruses" quiz questions with answers, medical microbiology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for microbiology. Free medical microbiology MCQs, arbovirus, minor bacterial pathogens, medically important viruses classification, tumor viruses, medical microbiology test prep for online college courses.

"The naked viruses with icosahedral symmetry having double-stranded supercoiled DNA are known as", medical microbiology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices poxvirus, papovavirus, parvovirus, and adenovirus for free online college courses. Learn classification of viruses questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

Quiz on Medical Microbiology PDF Download eBook 46

Medical Microbiology Quiz

MCQ: Naked viruses with icosahedral symmetry having double-stranded supercoiled DNA are known as

  1. Papovavirus
  2. Poxvirus
  3. Parvovirus
  4. Adenovirus


Tumor Viruses Quiz

MCQ: A gene that may cause of initiation of cancer growth is known as

  1. Hepatitis causing gene
  2. Mutated gene
  3. Oncogene
  4. Carcinogen


Medically Important Viruses Classification Quiz

MCQ: Human pathogen of family togaviruses is

  1. Rotavirus
  2. Rubella virus
  3. Poliovirus
  4. Papilloma virus


Minor Bacterial Pathogens Quiz

MCQ: Causative agent for Human granulocytic ehrlichiosis is

  1. E. chaffeensis
  2. Ehrlichia equi
  3. Citrobacter
  4. E.Coli


Arbovirus Quiz

MCQ: Arbovirus is classified into three main groups namely bunyaviruses togaviruses and

  1. Robovirus
  2. Echovirus
  3. Flaviviruses
  4. Rodents virus