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Gram Negative Rods Related to Animals MCQ with Answers PDF

Gram Negative Rods Related to Animals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Gram Negative Rods Related to Animals quiz answers PDF with microbiology career tests for online courses. Practice normal flora and major pathogens Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Gram Negative Rods Related to Animals quiz questions for accredited distance learning universities. Gram Negative Rods Related to Animals MCQ PDF: minor bacterial pathogens, gram negative rods related to animals test prep for free online classes.

"Tularemia is a zoonotic disease that is caused by" MCQ PDF on gram negative rods related to animals with choices francisella tularensis, e. coli, brucella specie, and yersinia pestis for accredited distance learning universities. Practice gram negative rods related to animals quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online associates degree.

MCQs on Gram Negative Rods Related to Animals Quiz

MCQ: Tularemia is a zoonotic disease that is caused by

Francisella tularensis
E. coli
Brucella specie
Yersinia pestis

MCQ: The wound infection caused by the Pasteurella multocida is associated with the bite of

Cat only
Dog only
cat and dog

MCQ: The animal sources for the Brucella includes cattle goats sheep and


MCQ: The drug of choice for the Tularemia is

Pencillin G
Beta lactam

MCQ: Human diseases acquired by the animals are known as


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