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Metabolism of Glycolipids MCQ Quiz Online

Practice Metabolism of Glycolipids Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Metabolism of Glycolipids quiz answers PDF to learn metabolism online course for metabolism classes. Metabolism of Lipid Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Metabolism of Glycolipids quiz questions for online bachelor degree programs. "Metabolism of Glycolipids MCQ" PDF Book: lipoproteins, fatty acid oxidation, fatty liver, metabolism of cholesterol test prep for accelerated online degrees.

"Glycolipids are derivatives of" MCQ PDF: metabolism of glycolipids with choices ceramide only, sphingosine only, cholesteryl esters, and ceramide and sphingosine for online bachelor degree programs. Learn metabolism of glycolipids quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online bachelor degree programs.

MCQs on Metabolism of Glycolipids Quiz

MCQ: Glycolipids are derivatives of

ceramide only
sphingosine only
cholesteryl esters
ceramide and sphingosine

MCQ: The disease connected with the sphingomyelin metabolism, incorporated with

Farber's disease only
Tay-sach's disease only
Farber's and Tay-sach's disease

MCQ: The condition, due to the defect in the enzyme β-glucosidase, termed as

Krabbe's disease
Gaucher's disease
Niemann-pick disease
none of above

MCQ: The defect in the degradation of the gangliosides, resulting in

Gangliosidosis only
Tay-sach's disease only
Niemann-pick disease
Gangliosidosis and Tay-sach's disease

MCQ: The accumulation of the galactocerebrosides, due to a defect in the β-glucosidase, resulting in

Krabbe's disease
Tay-sach's disease
Niemann-pick disease
Gaucher's disease