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Learn Metabolism of Ammonia Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Metabolism of Ammonia quiz answers PDF to study metabolism online course for metabolism classes. Metabolism of Amino Acids Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Metabolism of Ammonia quiz questions for online university courses. "Metabolism of Ammonia MCQ" PDF Book: metabolism of aspartate and asparagine, metabolism of phenylalanine and tyrosine, metabolism of serine, metabolism of tryptophan test prep for free online college classes.

"Ammonia can be produced by the action of intestinal bacteria on" MCQ PDF: metabolism of ammonia with choices urea, waste, urine, and undigested food for online university courses. Study metabolism of ammonia quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for bachelor degree online in 2 years.

MCQs on Metabolism of Ammonia Quiz

MCQ: Ammonia can be produced by the action of intestinal bacteria on

Undigested food

MCQ: Urea is termed as

non toxic
readily excreted from body
all of above

MCQ: In aquatic animals, the way of removal of ammonia into surrounding water, done by the process named as

Direct disposal

MCQ: The amount of ammonia in the normal plasma is about

10-15 mg/dl
10-20 mg/dl
30-35 mg/dl
30-40 mg/dl

MCQ: The accumulated form of the ammonia in the body, resulting in

Slurring of speech
Blurring of vision
all of above