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Histidine, Proline and Arginine MCQ Quiz Online

Learn Histidine, Proline and Arginine Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Histidine, Proline and Arginine quiz answers PDF to study metabolism online course for metabolism classes. Metabolism of Amino Acids Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Histidine, Proline and Arginine quiz questions for online schools that offer certificate programs. "Histidine, Proline and Arginine MCQ" PDF Book: metabolism of aspartate and asparagine, metabolism of phenylalanine and tyrosine, metabolism of serine, metabolism of tryptophan test prep for online associates degree.

"Nitric acid promotes the synthesis of" MCQ PDF: histidine, proline and arginine with choices guanosine monophosphate, adenosine triphosphate, c-guanosine monophosphate, and adenosine diphosphate for online schools that offer certificate programs. Study histidine, proline and arginine quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online associates degree.

MCQs on Histidine, Proline and Arginine Quiz

MCQ: Nitric acid promotes the synthesis of

Guanosine monophosphate
Adenosine triphosphate
c-Guanosine monophosphate
Adenosine diphosphate

MCQ: All are the functions of the nitric oxide, except

Regulation of blood flow
Erection of penis and vasodilator
Excretion of urine

MCQ: Histidine metabolism is essential for the generation of

1-carbon unit
2-carbon units
3-carbon units
4-carbon units

MCQ: The degradation of arginine, liberating

Ornithine only
urea and Ornithine

MCQ: The five-carbon of the proline is converted to

Glutamic acids