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Parathyroid Glands MCQ Questions and Answers PDF - 112

The e-Book Parathyroid Glands MCQ Questions, parathyroid glands quiz answers PDF download chapter 11-112 to learn online histology degree programs. Solve Endocrine System Test PDF, Parathyroid Glands Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Parathyroid Glands MCQ Quiz App Download: Free certification app for testes: seminiferous epithelium, spermatozoa, cerebellum, cerebrum, oral cavity, parathyroid glands test prep for online colleges and universities.

The MCQ Quiz Parenchyma of the parathyroid cell, incorporated with: oxyphil cells only, chief cells only, parietal cells and chief and oxyphil cells with "Parathyroid Glands" App APK Download (Free) for histology undergraduate programs. Study endocrine system questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for colleges that offer online degrees.

Parathyroid Glands MCQ with Answers PDF Download: Quiz 112

MCQ 556: The parenchyma of the parathyroid cell, incorporated with

A) chief cells only
B) Oxyphil cells only
C) parietal cells
D) chief and Oxyphil cells

MCQ 557: The upper surface of the tongue is named as

A) palate
B) dorsum
C) filiform papillae
D) foliate papillae

MCQ 558: In the primary motor area, the giant pyramidal cells are called as

A) basket cells
B) stellate cell
C) purkinje cells
D) betz cells

MCQ 559: The cerebellar cortex is composed of

A) purkinje cell layers
B) granular layer
C) molecular layer
D) all of above

MCQ 560: The core structure of the tail is named as

A) axoneme only
B) axial filament only
C) middle piece
D) axoneme and axial filament

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