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Cytoplasmic Organelles Mitochondria MCQ Quiz Online

Learn Cytoplasmic Organelles Mitochondria Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Cytoplasmic Organelles Mitochondria quiz answers PDF to study histology online course for histology classes. Cell Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Cytoplasmic Organelles Mitochondria quiz questions for online university. "Cytoplasmic Organelles Mitochondria MCQ" PDF Book: cytoplasmic organelles: mitochondria, cell division, cytoskeleton test prep for best online colleges.

"The shape of the mitochondria is" MCQ PDF: cytoplasmic organelles: mitochondria with choices thread-like only, rod-like only, star-like, and thread and rod like for online university. Study cytoplasmic organelles mitochondria quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

MCQs on Cytoplasmic Organelles Mitochondria Quiz

MCQ: The shape of the mitochondria is

thread-like only
rod-like only
thread and rod like

MCQ: The outer membrane of the mitochondria is

irregular only
smooth only
irregular and smooth

MCQ: The width of the mitochondria is nearly

0.5-1 µm
2-3 µm
2-6 µm
3-7 µm

MCQ: The power of the house of the cell is regarded as

cell membrane

MCQ: The length of the mitochondria is approximately

4 µm
5 µm
10 µm
13 µm

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