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Community Structure and Diversity Practice Test PDF Download eBook p. 72

Learn Community structure and diversity mock test for exam, community structure and diversity MCQ with answers PDF to solve zoology worksheet 72 for online board exam 2022. Practice "Ecology Communities and Ecosystems" trivia questions and answers, community structure and diversity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for zoology. Free community structure and diversity MCQs, vertebrates nervous system, immunity, birth of modern genetics, sex chromosomes and autosomes, community structure and diversity test prep for online degrees.

"The animals that depend on other animals for food and energy are called", community structure and diversity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices carnivorous, herbivorous, insectivorous, and saprobes for online college classes. Learn ecology communities and ecosystems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer online degrees.

Trivia Quiz on Community Structure and Diversity PDF Download eBook 72

Community Structure and Diversity Quiz

MCQ: Animals that depend on other animals for food and energy are called

  1. herbivorous
  2. carnivorous
  3. insectivorous
  4. saprobes


Sex Chromosomes and Autosomes Quiz

MCQ: In humans number of chromosomes is

  1. 47
  2. 45
  3. 46
  4. 49


Birth of Modern Genetics Quiz

MCQ: If alleles of gene in a heterozygote are completely expressed than pattern of dominance is called

  1. incomplete dominance
  2. codominance
  3. heterozygous
  4. homozygous


Immunity Quiz

MCQ: Histamine, a type of connective tissue that is released by

  1. mast cells
  2. cytokines
  3. interferon
  4. macrophages


Vertebrates Nervous System Quiz

MCQ: Small blood vessels that nourish spinal cord is called

  1. dura mater
  2. pia mater
  3. arachnoid
  4. none of above