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Hormones of Invertebrates MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Hormones of Invertebrates Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), hormones of invertebrates quiz answers PDF worksheet, zoology practice test for online degree programs. Learn endocrine system and chemical messenger Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Hormones of Invertebrates Quiz" questions and answers for colleges that offer certificate programs. Learn endocrine system and chemical messenger test prep for distance learning programs.

"In arthropods, the X-organ produces the" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on hormones of invertebrates with choices growth hormone, gonadotropin, molting inhibiting hormones, and ecdysone for colleges that offer certificate programs. Practice hormones of invertebrates quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college classes.

MCQs on Hormones of Invertebrates PDF Download eBook

MCQ: In arthropods, the X-organ produces the

  1. growth hormone
  2. gonadotropin
  3. molting inhibiting hormones
  4. ecdysone


MCQ: In echinoderms the neuropeptide releases a hormone that affects the reproductive system, called

  1. maturation inducing substance
  2. juvenile hormone
  3. pons
  4. estrogen


MCQ: In the arthropods, the thoracoscopic hormone is produced by

  1. corpora cardiac
  2. cerebellum
  3. pons
  4. rods


MCQ: The nerve cells of the Hydra embodied with

  1. follicle stimulating hormone
  2. growth promoting hormones
  3. estrogen
  4. progesterone


MCQ: In arthropods the neurosecretory cells of the brain produce

  1. ecdysiotropin
  2. ecdysone
  3. growth hormone
  4. molting hormone