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Protists Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 19

Practice Protists quiz questions and answers PDF, protists trivia questions PDF to solve Cell Biology worksheet 19 for online mock test. Practice "Evolutionary History of Biological Diversity Quiz Questions" with answers, protists Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for Cell Biology. Free protists MCQs, bacteria and archaea, chromosomal basis of inheritance, evolution, themes of biology and scientific enquiry, regulation of gene expression, protists test prep for accredited distance learning universities.

"Which of the following strains of Entamoeba are pathogenic to humans?", protists Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices e coli, e. histolytica, dictyostelium, and halobacter for online college classes.

Quiz on Protists PDF Download eBook 19

Protists Quiz

MCQ: Which of following strains of Entamoeba are pathogenic to humans?

  1. e. histolytica
  2. e coli
  3. Dictyostelium
  4. Halobacter


Regulation of Gene Expression Quiz

MCQ: Which of following is not coded by DNA?

  1. non coding RNAs
  2. sugars
  3. tRNA
  4. proteins


Evolution, Themes of Biology and Scientific Enquiry Quiz

MCQ: Which of following is a crustacean?

  1. cray fish
  2. jelly fish
  3. silver fish
  4. spider


Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance Quiz

MCQ: How many males are typically born with XYY chromosomes?

  1. 1 in 10,000
  2. 1 in 500
  3. 1 in 10
  4. 1 in 1000


Bacteria and Archaea Quiz

MCQ: Chemotaxis is movement of a cell-based on which stimulus?

  1. chemical
  2. water
  3. smell
  4. gravity