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Eukaryotic Cell Lysosomes MCQ Quiz PDF Download

The Book Eukaryotic Cell Lysosomes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF, Eukaryotic Cell Lysosomes MCQs download to study online biochemistry courses. Practice Biomolecules and Cell Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Eukaryotic Cell Lysosomes quiz answers PDF for accelerated bachelors degree online. The eBook Eukaryotic Cell Lysosomes MCQ App Download: eukaryotic cell: nucleus, eukaryotic cell: mitochondria, eukaryotic cell: peroxisomes test prep to learn free online courses.

The MCQ: The 'lysosomal' enzymes are grouped in a cell, known as: PDF, "Eukaryotic Cell: Lysosomes MCQ" App Download (Free) with digestive enzymes, hydrolases, degradative enzymes, and carbohydrates choices for accelerated bachelors degree online. Study eukaryotic cell lysosomes quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online college courses.

Biochemistry: Eukaryotic Cell Lysosomes MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: The 'lysosomal' enzymes are grouped in a cell, known as:

A) Digestive enzymes
B) Hydrolases
C) Degradative enzymes
D) Carbohydrates

MCQ: Absence of certain hydrolases in the lysosome, causing rare diseases, named as:

A) Inclusion cell disease
B) I-Cell disease
C) Cell degradative disease
D) All of above

MCQ: The maintenance of the cellular compounds by the recycling and degradation is done by;

A) Enzymes
B) Hormones
C) Metabolism
D) All of above

MCQ: In the cytoplasm of the eukaryotic cell, an organelle that contains degradative enzymes and enclosed in a membrane is called

A) Ribosomes
B) Mitochondria
C) Peroxisomes
D) All of above

MCQ: The age pigment in the cell is called:

A) Carotenoids
B) Xanthophyll
C) Lipofuscin
D) Apoenzyme

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