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The Book Function Society and Action Test Questions PDF, function society and action quiz answers PDF, download chapter 8-4 to learn online basic sociology course. Solve Thinking Sociologically and Thinking Globally Test PDF, Function Society and Action Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Function, Society and Action Trivia App Download: ideology, group conformity, max weber class, status and power, organizations, function, society and action test prep for accelerated bachelors degree online.

The Test: The most significant new way of classifying and understanding societies has been through the development of the PDF, Function, Society and Action App APK Download with human being, human nature, human development, and human needs choices for accelerated online degrees. Study thinking sociologically and thinking globally questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for free online college courses.

Basic Sociology: Function Society and Action MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The most significant new way of classifying and understanding societies has been through the development of the

A) Human nature
B) Human being
C) Human development
D) Human needs

MCQ: Erving Goffman in 1961 whose work we will look at in the observed and life in a mental hospital and other kind of

A) Organisation
B) Culture
C) Social group
D) Impersonality

MCQ: What is the power in the society?

A) Knowledge
B) Power
C) Authority
D) Bureaucratic

MCQ: Georg Simmel was

A) European sociologist
B) German sociologist
C) American sociologist
D) None of the above

MCQ: In sociology cultural beliefs that serve to legitimate key interests and hence justify social stratification is called

A) Caste
B) Symbol
C) Ideology
D) Race

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