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Reflection of Light Quiz Questions PDF Download - 10

Learn Reflection of Light quiz questions, reflection of light MCQ with answers PDF, test 10 to study SAT Physics online course. SAT Physics Light trivia questions, Reflection of Light Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Reflection of Light Book PDF: facts of light, pressure in liquids, common temperature scales, heat capacity, reflection of light test prep for online college admission.

"The reflection depends on the object's" Quiz PDF: reflection of light App APK with size, area, smoothness, and material choices for SAT prep classes. Study sat physics light questions and answers to improve problem solving skills to learn free online courses.

Quiz on Reflection of Light MCQs

MCQ: The reflection depends on the object's


MCQ: (Mass × specific heat capacity × temperature change) is equal to

kinetic energy transferred
potential energy transferred
thermal energy transferred
heat capacity transferred

MCQ: The most common scale used is

kelvin scale
Celsius scale
Fahrenheit scale
none of the above

MCQ: A rectangular block with base area A of 30 cm2 and height h of 0.06 m is submerged in water of density 1000 kg m-3. What is the pressure due to the water acting on the top surface of the block?

5 × 102 Pa
3 × 102 Pa
6 × 102 Pa
10 × 102 Pa

MCQ: The reflection in mirrors and polished metals are the examples of

irregular reflection
regular refraction
irregular refraction
regular reflection