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Excretion in Mammals Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 117

The e-Book Excretion in Mammals Quiz Questions, excretion in mammals quiz answers PDF download chapter 18-117 to study online sat biology degree courses. Practice Removal of Waste Products MCQ with answers PDF, Excretion in Mammals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Excretion in Mammals Quiz App Download: Free learning app for introduction to enzymes, hormonal and nervous control, sat exam practice, multiple alleles, excretion in mammals test prep for job placement test.

The Quiz Main excretory product of kidney is: nitrogenous, ammonium, calcium and phosphorous with "Excretion in Mammals" App Download (Free) for high school entrance exam. Solve removal of waste products questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for pre employment screening tests.

Excretion in Mammals Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 117

MCQ 581: Main excretory product of kidney is

A) Ammonium
B) Nitrogenous
C) Calcium
D) Phosphorous

MCQ 582: If a gene exists in more than two alleles, is called

A) Mutiple alleles
B) Few alleles
C) Single alleles
D) two alleles

MCQ 583: Umbilical viens transports oxygen and food substances from placenta to

A) Young
B) Adult
C) Baby
D) Fetus

MCQ 584: When JH amount falls below a certain level, the larva turns into

A) Adult
B) Egg
C) Insect
D) Pupa

MCQ 585: Energy released during respiration is

A) less
B) greater
C) considerable
D) potent

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