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Pressure of Gases Quiz Questions PDF Download - 133

The Book Pressure of Gases Quiz Questions, pressure of gases MCQ with answers PDF chapter 14-133 to learn online courses, o level physics tests. Practice Pressure in Physics trivia questions, pressure of gases Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Pressure of Gases Quiz App Download: pressure of gases, what is temperature, refraction in physics, heat capacity: physics, solid friction: viscosity test prep for schools that offer online degrees.

The Quiz: Pressure in our body is equal to PDF, "Pressure of Gases Quiz" App Download (Free) with 1 exosphere, 1 ozone, 1 atmosphere, and 1 troposphere choices for online schools that offer certificate programs. Solve pressure in physics questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online college courses.

Physics: Pressure of Gases Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Pressure in our body is equal to

A) 1 ozone
B) 1 exosphere
C) 1 atmosphere
D) 1 troposphere

MCQ: Pressure of a fixed mass of gas at constant volume is a physical property of

A) Mercury-in-glass thermometer
B) Thermocouple thermometer
C) resistance thermometer
D) Constant-volume gas thermometer

MCQ: Difference in speed of light in air and in denser medium is termed as

A) reflective index
B) refractive index
C) transactional index
D) density index

MCQ: Standard unit of heat capacity is

A) J K-1
B) C K-1
C) J K-2
D) J °F-1

MCQ: Dimensions of coefficient of friction are

A) [M] [L] [T]-2
B) [M]-1 [L]-1 [T]²
C) [M] [L]-1 [T]-1
D) It's a dimensionless quantity

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