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O Level Online Exam Test Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), O Level Online Exam Test quiz answers PDF with o level physics career tests for online courses. Practice kinetic theory of particles Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), O Level Online Exam Test quiz questions for online degree programs. O Level Online Exam Test Interview Questions: kinetic theory, states of matter test prep for ACT subject test tutoring.

"If the car tires are hot, the pressure of gas molecules in them would be" MCQ PDF on o level online exam test with choices high, low, same as before heating, and may be high or low for online degree programs. Practice o level online exam test quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online SAT prep class.

MCQs on O Level Online Exam Test Quiz

MCQ: If the car tires are hot, the pressure of gas molecules in them would be

same as before heating
may be high or low

MCQ: Volume of gas is

directly proportional to temperature
inversely proportional to temperature
directly proportional to friction
inversely proportional to heat

MCQ: If air at a pressure of 1 MPa is compressed such that the new volume of the air is one quarter of its initial volume, then the new pressure of the air is

1 M Pa
0.25 M Pa
2 M Pa
4 M Pa

MCQ: In an aquarium, air bubble at the bottom has a volume = 0.5 mm³. What would be the size of the bubble at the top if the height of the water level is = 1 m. (density of water = 1000 kg ⁄ m³, atmospheric pressure = 1 × 105 Pa, gravitational acceleration = 10 m s-1²)

0.5 mm³
0.55 mm³
0.6 mm³
0.65 mm³

MCQ: As the volume is inversely proportional to pressure, we can conclude that

p1V2 = p2V1
p2/V2 = p1V1
p1V1 = p2V2
p1V1 = p2/V2

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