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Fossil Fuels and Energy Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 294

Fossil Fuels and Energy interview questions and answers, fossil fuels and energy trivia questions PDF 294 to practice Environmental Management exam questions for online classes. Practice Hydrosphere MCQ questions, fossil fuels and energy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Fossil Fuels and Energy Interview Questions PDF: global warming and green house effect, means of rainforest destruction, sustainable development, main causes of water pollution, fossil fuels and energy test prep for online colleges that offer financial aid.

"Persistent rain day and torrential downpour, causes an increase in" MCQ PDF with choices mountain run-off, surface run-off, rain, and precipitation for free online college courses. Learn hydrosphere questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for college entrance exams.

Trivia Quiz on Fossil Fuels and Energy MCQs

MCQ: Persistent rain day and torrential downpour, causes an increase in

Surface run-off
Mountain run-off

MCQ: Which two nutrients speed up the natural process of eutrophication?

Nitrates & Phosphates
Nitrates & Calcium
Phosphorous & Lead
All of them

MCQ: Which climatic conditions make mining difficult and expensive?

Hot desert and cold polar lands
Coastal areas
Tropical areas
Indus regions

MCQ: What is the impact of deforestation on soils?

Increase soil erosion & leaching
Decrease soil erosion & leaching
Increase rainfall and co2
decrease temperature

MCQ: Which conference focused on the climate change and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of 5% in 2010?

Earth Summit in Rio
Montreal Protocol
Kyoto Protocol
Environmental protocol