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Case Study Malaria MCQ with Answers

Case Study Malaria Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve case study malaria quiz answers PDF worksheet, O level environmental management test for online courses. Practice hydrosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Case Study Malaria quiz questions PDF for colleges that offer online degrees. Learn water cycle and availability in earth, over fishing and consequences, fresh water and water supply, pollination test prep for schools that offer online bachelor degrees.

"Which type of malaria parasite attacks the young, weak and undernourished individuals?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on case study: malaria with choices plasmodium ovale, plasmodium falciparum, plasmodium knowlesi, and plasmodium vivax for colleges that offer online degrees. Solve case study malaria quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college courses.

MCQs on Case Study Malaria

MCQ: Which type of malaria parasite attacks the young, weak and undernourished individuals?

  1. Plasmodium ovale
  2. Plasmodium falciparum
  3. Plasmodium knowlesi
  4. Plasmodium vivax


MCQ: Which prophylactic drugs no longer work in various parts of the world?

  1. Chloroquine
  2. Larium
  3. Both A & B
  4. Prophylactic


MCQ: Trials of new vaccine begin in Mozambique in

  1. 2002
  2. 2004
  3. 2003
  4. 2000


MCQ: Researchers think that it will be a succes,if the vaccine worked on half of the population of

  1. America
  2. Africa
  3. Asia
  4. Europe


MCQ: What protects crops by killing off insect pests?

  1. Pesticides
  2. Fertilizers
  3. acids
  4. All of them