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Organic Solvents MCQ with Answers PDF

Solve Organic Solvents Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), o level chemistry quiz answers PDF with career tests for online courses. Practice chemical bonding and structure Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Organic Solvents quiz questions for SAT test. Organic Solvents MCQ PDF: transfer of electrons, ionic compounds: crystal lattices, ions and ionic bonds, molecules and macromolecules test prep for SAT prep classes.

"Organic solvents are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on organic solvents with choices polar solvents, non-polar solvents, donors of hydrogen ions, and formed through sigma bonds for SAT test. Practice organic solvents quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for SAT practice test.

MCQs on Organic Solvents Quiz


Organic solvents are

polar solvents
non-polar solvents
donors of Hydrogen ions
formed through sigma bonds


Most of the organic solvents are

strong electrolyte
weak electrolyte
poor insulators


Organic solvents do not include

tetra chloromethane

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