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Main Veins of Body Quiz Questions PDF p. 94

Practice Main Veins of Body quiz questions and answers, main veins of body MCQs with answers PDF 94 to practice O Level Biology mock tests for online college programs. Practice Transport in Mammals quiz questions with answers, main veins of body Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Main veins of body Quiz" PDF Book: epigeal and hypogeal germination, dormancy and seed germination, aerobic respiration and its waste, kidneys as osmoregulators, main veins of body test prep for schools that offer online degrees.

"Blood from posterior part of the body is brought back to the heart through", main veins of body Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices hepatic portal vein, hepatic vein, inferior vena cava, and superior vena cava for GRE subject test tutoring. Practice transport in mammals questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best two year degrees.

Quiz on Main Veins of Body


Blood from posterior part of the body is brought back to the heart through

hepatic vein
hepatic portal vein
inferior vena cava
superior vena cava


Osmoregulators refers to regulating

salt concentration in blood only
water concentration in blood only
mineral concentration in blood
salt and water concentration in blood


When comparing anaerobic (without O2) and aerobic (with O2) respiration, the amount of energy yield

is same
less in aerobic respiration
less in anaerobic respiration
may have more or less energy depending on the conditions


Several of 10,000 years old seeds germinated within

48 hours
two weeks
few hours
1 hour


Cotyledons are carried above ground in

Epigeal Germination
Hypogeal Germination
Epi-Hypogeal Germination
Hypo-Epigeal Germination
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