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Excretion: O Level Biology MCQ Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Excretion O Level Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF, excretion o level biology MCQs with answers PDF worksheets, O level biology test 10 for online college programs. Learn excretion and egestion MCQs, "Excretion O Level Biology" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn excretion and egestion, formation of urine, mammalian urinary system career test to learn online certificate courses.

"Blood entering the kidney has" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on excretion o level biology with choices less carbon dioxide, more carbon dioxide, less oxygen, and more oxygen for online colleges that offer financial aid. Practice excretion and egestion quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for online college courses.

MCQs on Excretion O Level Biology Quiz PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Blood entering the kidney has

  1. more carbon dioxide
  2. less carbon dioxide
  3. less oxygen
  4. more oxygen


MCQ: Number of pyramids in mammals can be up to

  1. 4 to 8
  2. 8 to 12
  3. 12 to 16
  4. 16 to 20


MCQ: Renal artery and renal vein join kidney at

  1. renal pelvis
  2. ureters
  3. cortex
  4. hilus