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Excretion: O Level Biology MCQ with Answers PDF p. 2

Excretion O Level Biology MCQ with answers, Excretion O Level Biology quiz worksheet with answers key PDF to practice O Level Biology MCQ Test 2 for online courses. Practice what is excretion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Excretion O Level Biology quiz with answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Excretion O Level Biology MCQs PDF: what is excretion, size and position of kidneys, formation of urine, kidneys as osmoregulators career test for ACT subject tests.

"Excretion is similar to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on excretion o level biology with choices egestion, defecation, removal of metabolic wastes, and absorption of useful minerals for best online ACT prep class. Solve what is excretion quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for colleges that offer online courses.

MCQs on Excretion O Level Biology

MCQ: Excretion is similar to

removal of metabolic wastes
absorption of useful minerals

MCQ: Vertebral column faces the

concave side of kidneys
convex side of kidneys
posterior side of kidneys
inferior side of the kidney

MCQ: Before excretion, the urine is stored in

urinary bladder
renal pelvis

MCQ: Blood pressure rises due to

decrease in blood volume
increase in diameter of blood vessels
decrease in diameter of blood vessels
inability of pituitary gland to produce hormones

MCQ: Anabolic activities include

tissue respiration
deamination of proteins
denaturation of enzymes
photosynthesis in green plants

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