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Factors affecting enzymes MCQ with Answers PDF

Factors affecting enzymes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Factors affecting enzymes quiz answers PDF with o level biology career tests for online courses. Practice what are enzymes Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Factors affecting enzymes quiz questions for online college courses. Factors affecting enzymes MCQ PDF: effects of ph on enzymes, classification of enzymes test prep for ACT prep classes.

"Nature of rennin enzyme is slightly" MCQ PDF on factors affecting enzymes with choices acidic, alkaline, water based, and mineral based for online college courses. Practice factors affecting enzymes quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for colleges that offer online courses.

MCQs on Factors affecting enzymes Quiz

MCQ: Nature of rennin enzyme is slightly

water based
mineral based

MCQ: Beyond optimum temperature, the enzyme becomes

flat only
hyperactive only
flat and hyperactive

MCQ: At a pH 7 to 9, the activity of amylase


MCQ: Amylase becomes denatured at a acidic pH of


MCQ: In plants, enzymes become denatured above

40 °C
50 °C
60 °C
70 °C

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