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The e-Book Carbohydrates Quiz Questions, carbohydrates quiz answers PDF download chapter 2-5 to study online medical biochemistry degree courses. Practice Digestion and Absorption MCQ with answers PDF, Carbohydrates Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Carbohydrates Quiz App Download: Free learning app for utilization of energy in man, oxidative phosphorylation, carbohydrates test prep for online masters programs.

The Quiz Final digestion of the carbohydrates occurs in: small intestine, mouth, large intestine with "Carbohydrates" App Download (Free) to study online professional courses. Solve digestion and absorption questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online certificate courses.

Carbohydrates Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 5

MCQ 21: The final digestion of the carbohydrates occurs in

A) Mouth
B) Small intestine
C) Large intestine
D) Both B and C

MCQ 22: The lipophilic substances that promote the transport of ions across biological membranes are termed as

A) Ionophores
B) Thermogenin
C) Nigercin
D) Aspirin

MCQ 23: A group of hydroxylases are collectively named as

A) Vitamin K
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin D
D) Vitamin C

MCQ 24: The energy needed for standing quietly is nearly

A) 25 cal/hr
B) 30 cal/hr
C) 60 cal/hr
D) 75 cal/hr

MCQ 25: The melting point of the lipids is

A) Lower
B) Higher
C) Normal
D) Room temperature

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