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Nutrition and Energy Supply Quiz MCQ Online p. 21

Practice Nutrition and Energy Supply quiz questions and answers PDF, nutrition and energy supply trivia questions 21 to learn online Medical Biochemistry course for online classes. Nutrition MCQ questions, Nutrition and Energy Supply Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Nutrition and Energy Supply Quiz" PDF eBook: functions of different hormones, water turnover and balance, nutrition and energy supply test prep .

"1 kcal is equal to" MCQ PDF: 4.128 kj, 2.128 kj, 5.5 kj, and 5.6 kj . Solve nutrition questions and answers to improve problem solving skills .

Trivia Quiz on Nutrition and Energy Supply MCQs

MCQ: 1 kcal is equal to

2.128 KJ
4.128 KJ
5.5 KJ
5.6 KJ

MCQ: 1 gram of the carbohydrate produces

0.5 ml of water
0.8 ml of water
0.6 ml of water
0.9 ml of water

MCQ: The process of ovulation is stimulated by

Leutinizing hormone
Follicle stimulating hormone

MCQ: The known number of the mutant haemoglobin is


MCQ: In a healthy individual, the amount of water loss through faeces is nearly

130 ml/day
140 ml/day
160 ml/day
150 ml/day