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Soluble Electron Carriers MCQ with Answers PDF

Soluble Electron Carriers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Soluble Electron Carriers quiz answers PDF with mcat biology career tests for online courses. Practice principles of biogenetics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Soluble Electron Carriers quiz questions for online college admission. Soluble Electron Carriers Interview Questions PDF: endothermic and exothermic reactions, spontaneous reactions, biogenetics and thermodynamics, atp group transfers test prep for best online colleges with financial aid.

"Lipid soluble electron carrier is called" MCQ PDF on soluble electron carriers with choices ubiquinone, cytochrome c, quinone, and vitamins for online college admission. Practice soluble electron carriers quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for job placement test.

MCQs on Soluble Electron Carriers Quiz

MCQ: Lipid soluble electron carrier is called

cytochrome c

MCQ: A lipid soluble carrier that shuttles electrons between large macromolecular complexes embedded in the membrane is

cytochrome c

MCQ: Cytochrome c is a water soluble electron carrier located within the

cell wall
cell membrane
intermembrane space
intramembrane space

MCQ: A series of compounds that transfer electrons from an electron donor to an electron acceptor which than transfers protons across a membrane is called

electron transport chain
proton transport chain
neutron transport chain
Exchange of protons