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Tetrad Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 17

The Tetrad Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Tetrad Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book download Ch. 16-17 to prepare MCAT Biology Practice Tests. Solve Meiosis and Genetic Viability MCQ with answers PDF, Tetrad Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online MCAT prep classes. The Tetrad Quiz App: Free download learning app for tetrad, mcat: oxidative phosphorylation, super coiling, stem cells, electron transfer in mitochondria test prep for MCAT classes online.

The Quiz: Tetrad is four spores of a; "Tetrad Quiz" App Download (Free) with answers: Stem cells; Human chromosome; Yeast; Monkey; for online MCAT prep classes. Learn Meiosis and Genetic Viability Questions and Answers, Apple eBook to download free sample to learn e-learning courses.

Tetrad Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 17

MCQ 81:

The tetrad is the four spores of a

  1. human chromosome
  2. stem cells
  3. yeast
  4. monkey
MCQ 82:

The molecules oxidized in electron transport chain are

  1. NADH
  2. FADH
  3. both A and B
  4. ADP
MCQ 83:

When DNA helix has normal number of base pairs per helical turn than it is in

  1. coiled state
  2. supercoiled state
  3. normal state
  4. elongated state
MCQ 84:

The differentiation potential of the stem cells specifies

  1. stochastic differentiation
  2. asymmetric replication
  3. potency
  4. self-renewal
MCQ 85:

Cytochromes were described by

  1. MacMunn
  2. Darwin
  3. Mendel
  4. none of above

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