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Adaptation and Specialization Quiz MCQ Online p. 138

Practice Adaptation and Specialization quiz questions and answers PDF, adaptation and specialization trivia questions 138 to learn online MCAT Biology course for online classes. Evolution MCQ questions, adaptation and specialization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Adaptation and Specialization Quiz" PDF eBook: gene amplification and duplication, what are carbohydrates, gluconeogenesis, gene cloning, adaptation and specialization test prep for college entrance examination.

"The genetic change in a population caused by natural selection is called" MCQ PDF: adaptation, polymorphism, specialization, and gene linkage for online MCAT practice test. Solve evolution questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for MCAT online course.

Trivia Quiz on Adaptation and Specialization MCQs

MCQ: The genetic change in a population caused by natural selection is called

gene linkage

MCQ: The enzyme that cut the DNA at or near restriction sites are called as

restriction enzyme

MCQ: Gluconeogenesis is useful for

maintaining blood glucose level
avoiding low blood glucose level
both A and B
Maintain respiration rate

MCQ: The characteristics combined to name monosaccharide carbohydrates include

number of carbon atoms
D or L configuration
placement of carbonyl group
all of above

MCQ: The amplification of rRNA genes occurs during the development of