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ATP Synthase and Chemiosmotic Coupling MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook

ATP Synthase and Chemiosmotic Coupling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve atp synthase and chemiosmotic coupling quiz answers PDF worksheet, MCAT test for online courses. Practice oxidative phosphorylation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "ATP Synthase and Chemiosmotic Coupling" quiz questions PDF for MCAT practice test. Learn atp synthase and chemiosmotic coupling, electron transfer in mitochondria, mcat: oxidative phosphorylation test prep for college admission test.

"The movement across membrane depends upon" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on atp synthase and chemiosmotic coupling with choices diffusion, electrostatic force , and osmosis for MCAT practice test. Solve atp synthase and chemiosmotic coupling quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for MCAT classes online.

MCQs on ATP Synthase and Chemiosmotic Coupling PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The movement across membrane depends upon

  1. Diffusion
  2. Electrostatic force
  3. both A and B
  4. Osmosis


MCQ: The movement of ions across selectively permeable membrane is called

  1. electron flow
  2. Osmosis
  3. flow rate
  4. Endocytosis


MCQ: The enzyme that makes ATP by chemiosmosis is

  1. ATP dehydrogenase
  2. Gyrase
  3. ATP synthase
  4. dehydrogenase


MCQ: Chemiosmosis hypothesis was proposed by

  1. Peter D. Mitchell
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Mendel
  4. Alfred Russell


MCQ: The measure of potential energy stored as combination of proton and voltage gradients across membrane is termed as

  1. electron motive force
  2. proton motive force
  3. ion motive force
  4. molecule motive force