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Credit Management Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 30

Credit Management MCQ questions and answers, credit management worksheets with answers PDF 30 to practice MBA Management exam questions for online classes. Practice Financial Management MCQ questions, credit management Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Credit Management Interview Questions: cash flows, bureaucratic structures, motivational theory of management, financial ratios, credit management test prep for online college classes.

"Credit management is an important tool used by finance managers. Credit management means" MCQ PDF with choices to lend money to the borrower for more than a year, managing the cash of the organization for the operational activities, granting money on credit basis while considering all the terms on which it is being granted on and t, and managing the credit system for master's degree in business administration. Learn financial management questions and answers to improve problem solving skills .

Trivia Quiz on Credit Management MCQs

MCQ: Credit management is an important tool used by finance managers. Credit management means

Managing the cash of the organization for the operational activities
To lend money to the borrower for more than a year
Granting money on credit basis while considering all the terms on which it is being granted on and t
Managing the credit system

MCQ: The company's ratios are compared with the industry's ratio to get a clear view about the company's performance. The recommended current ratio is


MCQ: Equity theory focuses on two major factors i.e. internal equity and external equity. Internal equity would mean

The reward is equivalent to the effort made by the employee
Employee knows what he is expected to do
Employee knows what he is expected to do to get the reward
Is the reward equivalent to the other employees doing the same job?

MCQ: There are four basic types of Bureaucratic Structures and organizations choose these structures in accordance with their needs. These Structures are

Functional Structure, product Structure, Customer Structure, Geographic Structure
Functional structure, Growth structure, Product structure, Customer structure
Sales structure, Product structure, Customer structure, Growth structure
Functional structure, Product structure, Customer structure, Geographic structure

MCQ: Cash is the life blood of any business. Cash flow is defined as

The ability to pay off the bills on time
The system in which the cash is handled in an organization
A system in which cash is distributed among the departments
The ability to generate cash by utilizing the assets

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