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Period of Trigonometric Functions Quiz Answers PDF Download - 60

The e-Book Period of Trigonometric Functions Quiz Questions and Answers, period of trigonometric functions MCQ questions PDF chapter 12-60 to download online courses, college math tests. Solve Trigonometric Functions and Graphs MCQ questions, period of trigonometric functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Period of Trigonometric Functions Tests" App Download: period of trigonometric functions, geometric mean, double angle identities, basic trigonometric identities, examples of quadratic equations test prep for SAT prep classes.

The MCQ Quiz "The period of cot(x/3) is" PDF, Period of Trigonometric Functions App APK Download with 2π, π, 3π, and 4π choices for online college classes. Study trigonometric functions and graphs questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online associates degree.

Math: Period of Trigonometric Functions MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The period of cot(x/3) is

A) π
B) 2π
C) 3π
D) 4π

MCQ: If an+2 + bn+2/an+1 + bn+1 is the geometric mean between a and b, then n =

A) −1
B) 1
C) −2
D) −0.5

MCQ: Sin3θ/sinθ -cos3θ/cosθ =

A) 2
B) 1
C) 0
D) secθ

MCQ: Cot(-855°) =

A) 2
B) 1
C) −1
D) 0

MCQ: If a < 0, then the function ƒ(x) = ax² + bx + c has a maximum value value at

A) ƒ(a/2b)
B) ƒ(-a/2b)
C) ƒ(-b/2a)
D) None of Above

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